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Confluencing Cache (1 reply)

2 months ago
Spock 2 months ago

Do you like FBET swag?  Do you navigate?

A FBET navigation challenge is out there in the wilderness just waiting to be found.  All sorts of goodies are there.  The coveted water bottle, patches, stickers, cold weather hat, and a keychain!  

This is an intermediate level challenge.  The only discipline you'll need is your sharp navigation skills.  

There are a couple rules.  

-Please use the public parking area at 16T FR 93235 08100.

-It is not necessary nor advantageous to cross any body of water.  The area contains swift water, strainers, and water over your head.  The cache is visible from dry land although it is low at ground level.

Finding the cache is not too hard.  If not stolen, it is at the base of a seriously massive cedar tree in a low pocket of earth.

Getting to the cache is the fun part.  Use the skills that need the most practice.  Use a GPSr if you're still learning it.  Use the attached map and a compass.  Use the map without a compass, terrain associate, pace count.  Identify and use handrails (IDing them is the tricky part).  

Use resources ahead of time to learn the area.  Go in the day, go in the rain, go in the night!  Have fun!

The loot is at 16T FR 92731 06577.


Kevin Cook
21 hours ago
Kevin Cook 21 hours ago

I wish I lived closer. Maybe when I am in the area sometime.

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