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A Grand TraVerse (No replies)

1 year ago
Spock 1 year ago

What do you get when you combine mountain biking, overnight camping, geocaching (maybe a couple for fun), Decemberrrr air, and your friends at FBET??  You get an excursion called "A Grand TraVerse".

Join us for an overnight adventure in Grand Traverse County December 3-4 for a fact finding, skill building foray into the world of bike packing.  We want to be able to deploy a bike team when the road ends to Go Farther.  That takes some practice.

How do you pack what you need on a skinny bike frame?

What if your bike fails beyond hiking distance back to base?  Can you fix it?

What are the basic do's and don'ts?

These questions and more will be answered as the day unfolds as you learn first hand what is working for you and what isn't.

You'll quickly sharpen your clothing layering skills as you warm up and cool off over and over.

Let's spend several hours navigating our way to camp with some activities along the way.  We'll be on gravel roads, dirt two-tracks, sandy power lines, rutted pathways, tight single tracks, hilly and flat.  About 13 miles are planned each day with plenty of side show opportunities (photograph a Sasquatch?).  

Staging is at the VASA Single Track Trail Head.  USNG:  16T FQ 20166 50954     There is a restroom at the trail head but it may be boarded for winter.  The corner of US 131 and W State at Fife Lake has a big gas station.  16T FQ 29935 37233 OR 7501 US 131, zip 49633


Departure from the trail head by bicycle is 11:00 am Saturday Dec. 3.  We will be back on Sunday Dec. 4 early afternoon.  We can find a small local restaurant in Fife Lake after to put the spent calories back.


There is no cost for this trip.  Fortune Bay Expedition Team is not providing any gear or supplies.  Bring your bike, shelter, food, water system, your essentials, ample clothing for conditions and let's learn and have some fun.

See you there!

Sign up Here:   https://goo.gl/forms/CYkJIegRbeRpSIdH3


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