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A Smidgen of the Pigeon (No replies)

9 months ago
Spock 9 months ago

Join Fortune Bay Expedition Team for an exclusive guild member (and up) only bikepacking excursion this April!

We'll gather in the Pigeon River State Forest late in the evening of Friday April 28, 2017.  We'll car camp the first night near a secluded part of the Pigeon River on State (MI) land.  Saturday morning we'll load up the bikes and leave the vehicles behind as we head out for a great day of riding.  We'll cover 23 miles including gravel roads, two tracks, and a large portion of the IMBA High Country Pathway.

There is an area in our path that contains 100+ year old hardwoods.  We know roughly where they are but it will take some effort to find them.  The area has a well known Elk population within it.  While a sighting is unlikely, the Elk are there and seeing one or more would be awesome.

By days end we'll make our way down a 150' drop to the Sturgeon River.  The slope won't require ropes and harnesses but is probably not a good idea to ride down unless you want to cash in your cool points in one go.  Getting to the camp spot also requires crossing the shin deep Sturgeon and the condition of an old trappers bridge is unknown.  We'll find a way though.

Sunday morning we'll put on some more miles as we head back to our vehicles.  Less riding is planned for Sunday to allow time to drive back to civilization but the route could vary as conditions dictate.  There are some unknowns this go around and some off trail exploring is likely.  Maybe a road that is marked on a map isn't there.  Maybe there is a route that's not on the map.  Let's find out!

This trip is for intermediate riders with solid camping skills and reasonable fitness for a day of mountain biking in varied terrain.  Bikepacking can be hard work and so on.  Bring enough calories to counter lots of fun and pedaling!  Spares and tools for your bike is a must.  Knowledge on the use of spares and tools is a bonus.  Your EL can handle most simple trail mishaps.

Our staging area is about 5 miles east of exit 290 on I-75 in Otsego Co MI.  There is no cost to attend.  All you need is gas to staging and back, a suitable bike and gear, and food.  Both nights in the wilderness will be spent near fresh water so a filter will work.  Tent or hammock should work equally well.  We'll know more about ground conditions when it gets close but encountering snow pack is very possible in this area even in late April.

Sign up here!!!       https://goo.gl/forms/02QlH6N29GdeNS9e2

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