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Cape Jones Expedition (1 reply and 1 comment)

11 months ago
adminschool 11 months ago

This expedition will start with an overland drive up the James Bay Road - a very remote stretch of road in Quebec.  Most likely a convoy from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario where we will meet.  It will be a deadline rendezvous - if you aren't there at the appointed time. . . good luck.  Arrangements can be made for other expedition vehicles to meet elsewhere.

We will overland to the Cree Settlement of Chisasbi - actually a road that goes north of Chisasibi.  The "in a perfect world" goal from there is to kayak for 4 days north to an abandoned cold war era radar station at Cape Jones where James Bay meets the Hudson Bay.

The General Route, looks like this.



A little sample of the route


Individuals wishing to participate should be in good physical condition with a good outdoor skills set.  The time frame of this expedition requires an intermediate level for adventurers - good navigation, good kayaking skills and the ability to maintain a fast pace for an extended period of time, good campcraft knowledge, and much more.  The risks of this expedition are numerous.



Because of multiple risks that exist, we will have a specific pre-expedition training course.


Ideally, the expedition would like to make it to Cape Jones in the time frame available, however, due to many factors, actually reaching Cape Jones in the allotted time would require perfect conditions and no set backs.  Therefore, the expedition will have a number of contingencies that will allow for alternative adventures.  In other words, plans will most likely change.   The time frame is quite short and weather, ice and many other factors could prevent the option of reaching Cape Jones.   At any rate, there will be plenty of adventure regardless.



Sample tour of the route on google earth.



Cost:  There is no cost to attend this trip.  This trip is currently only open to Guild/Expedition members of the Fortune Bay Expedition Team and staff.

Budget:  Many factors determine an individual budget.  There are no known fixed costs (IE - ferry, transportation, camping, etc.).   However, interested individuals should account for fuel, vehicle costs, possible camp costs and possible transportation needs (renting a watercraft and guide.   Estimated budget is $250-$350 per person.  Participants are responsible for their own costs. 

Non-members may become members of the team to attend the expedition.

More information will be posted here as the expedition planning unfolds.  If interested, it is recommended that you sign up for the update list.  Emails will be sent periodically as the expedition planning progresses.

Sign Up for updates below.  Actual sign up for the expedition is not yet available.


Robert Gerritsen
11 months ago
Robert Gerritsen 11 months ago

Good Day:

Definitely interested, please keep me updated!

In the latest STATE OF THE TEAM – NEW PERSPECTIVES 2017 address,it mentions:

"We will offer alternative options for other expedition members who don’t want to kayak.  We will also do some hiking and maybe even some ocean seafaring in Cree freighter canoes."

I might not be ready for sea kayaking on James Bay.


Robert J. Gerritsen 


11 months ago

Hey Robert - go ahead and sign up for updates on the expedition. There is a quick form at the bottom of the page.


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