Gear List for Technical Rope Work (TR1-5)

This gear list is complied for students of our Technical Rope Work courses (TR1-5).   The gear in the “Primary” list are items that will be used by students during the courses.   While students are not required to bring their own personal gear (they may borrow needed items), this list is provided as courtesy to students interested in obtaining their own gear.   The “recommended” list are for students who are interested in acquiring gear as they pursue activities involving rope work.   Personal preference will always determine options that are most suitable for the individual.

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Primary Equipment

Climbing, Rope Work, & Rescue Helmets

 Black Diamond Half Done Helmet

 Petzel Elios, Multi-Purpose Helmet


Black Diamond Momentum

Black Diamond Primrose (Female)


25′-30′ – 1″ Tubular Webbing  (Sold at Course [with prusik cord] for $14 – 25′)
2 each – 6mm Prusik cords (6′ each) (Available for sale at course)

Locking Carabiner HMS

Auto Block Loop

Sterling Auto Block Loop (also available at course for $8.00) (Recommended for TR4 &5)



Optional Equipment

Personal Anchor System

Metolius Personal Anchor System

(Recommended for TR4 & 5)

Items that are “sold at class” are items that FBET sells to students at class.  FBET is a dealer for Sterling, Petzel,  Liberty Mountain and various products.  Items are normally offered for sale well below the Suggested Retail Price.  Students are under no obligation to purchase through FBET.  

Students should be aware that purchasing rock climbing, rope work, technical rescue gear, etc. should only be purchased from reputable dealers.   It is the responsibility of the retailer to provided genuine equipment as advertised.   We cannot be help responsible for any retailer who does not make a good faith effort to insure gear is what they advertise.   

by the Fortune Bay Expedition Team

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