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Overland To Burma Expedition

2014 – An exploratory expedition of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan including the Keewanaw Peninsula.  The expedition was done in partnership with Courtesy Jeep.  The purpose of the expedition was to explore area for potential overland trips by vehicle.

Nordhouse Dunes Expedition

2013 – An expedition to Nordhouse Dunes on the shore of Lake Superior.  The purpose of the expedition was to train in winter conditions and to kick of the 2015 Expedition Season.  The expedition experimented with a variety of techniques and gear in heavy winter conditions.

Some Oughta Survive Expedition

2014 – An expedition to the Aubrey Falls area of Ontario.  The purpose of this expedition was to explore climbing options near a location the team refers to as “MBO”.   The Expedition was intended to be a multidiscipline expedition of climbing, kayaking and hiking.  Weather was severe and changed the expedition plan.

Newfoundland Scouting

2014 – An advanced party expedition  to the Island of Newfoundland.  The purpose of this expedition was to travel the west coast of Newfoundland, Canada to determine if the island coast possessed any potential for a future team wide expedition.

Pathway of the Pioneers Expedition

2014 – An expedition in Lowell, Michigan for the National Park Service and Kent County Parks.  The purpose of this expedition was to build an extension of the North Country National Scenic Trail in Fallasburg County Park.  This was a service expedition.

Ice Road Expedition

2014 – An expedition to explore the newest pathway to the Hudson Bay.  For years, the communities of James Bay have been isolated from the highway system of Canada.   The expedition explored this new path and its first full season of opening.

Spirits of the Stone Expedition
(Canyon of Doom)

2013 – An expedition to explore the Agawa Canyon and surrounding area.   This was a return expedition to determine the changes of the area after a decade since our last expedition.

Hudson Bay Expedition

2013 – An expedition into the James & Hudson Bay regions by overland vehicle travel.  The purpose of the expedition was to find how far north an overland route may go in Ontario to the Hudson Bay.  Then, the expedition intended to reach the Arctic Ocean via James Bay.

Pirates of the Archipelago II Expedition 

2012 – An expedition returning Garden Island to further explore ruins and history of the island.  In addition, we set out to find lost survey markers last found over 100 years ago and to clear island trails for future visitors.

Manistee River Loop
Pack and Paddle

2011 – The trip was hiking along the Manistee River and Paddling back to the start location.  This was a recreational expedition with experimentation with logistics.

Pirates of the Archipelago

2011 – An expedition to Garden Island in Lake Michigan just north of Beaver Island.  The expedition’s purpose was to explore Garden Island to determine the recreation opportunities of the island for future trips.

Lost Islands Expedition

2004 – An expedition exploring the chain of islands from Michigan’s Garden Peninsula to Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula.  The purpose of the expedition was to explore the island chain and cross to Wisconsin.

Soo Locks & St. Mary’s River Expedition

2003 – An expedition to lock through the Soo Locks and south on the St. Mary’s River to Detour.  To explore the possibilities of a trip for future guide operations of clients including camping, traffic, etc.

Agawa Canyon Expedition
(Lost Bush Plane Expedition)

2002 – An expedition to the Agawa canyon.  The primary purpose of the expedition was to attempt to find the wreckage of a rumored bush plan crash.   The secondary purpose was to establish campsites for future expeditions.

Manitou Islands Expedition

2000 – an expedition crossing the Manitou Straits and circumnavigating both islands.   The purpose was to explore the possibility of accessing the Manitou Islands by kayak and to investigate the historical areas on the island.


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